Enjoy IPTV
The Traditional TV Cable Box Way.

Use it like a traditional cable box. Turn it on and stream TV and VOD content, only that you don’t pay through your nose for an expensive cable subscription!  



Fast, Really Fast

The latest advanced S905x2 processor with Coreelec OS makes EZTV up to 25% faster than any other device.

Ease of Use

EZTV brings your IPTV to life with endless features, a beautiful interface and ease of use


It just works

Managed Channels

Just one single channel list, all extra languages removed, channel order never changes.

Customers reviews

Finally a device I can use for IPTV.
Stan Leuders
IPTV Enthusiast
Had an android box and it kept freezing and rebooting, EZTV has not once since I got it.
My Parents love it!.
They picked up the remote and BAM! Just started watching their shows.
Mike Sendler

EZTV's Ultimate Remote

Take control of your TV. Whether you want to watch a movie, show, or simply change the channel it will give total control to get the job done.


EZTV MAX is the ultimate entertainment center , brings your media to life with endless features and beautiful interface and ease of use


Upscale Engine

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Managed Channels

Single Channel List

One list to scroll through

Filtered Content

Foreign Channels and useless channels removed


Create and manage your favourite channels list

Stable Channel Numbers

Channel numbers do not change

TV Guide


You get quick and reliable TV listings for all the major TV channels, networks and providers in the USA & Canada.

Full Screen Guide

Guide view displays information about the current program, a preview of the current channel in a smaller window, and the listings for a few channels in the bottom portion of the screen.

Mini Guide

Allows you to watch television and view program listings without having to leave the program you are watching or go to the full screen guide.

Ease of Use

TV cable box simplicity

Intuitive design

Works the way you expect it to, no thinking about it.


Turn it on, pick a  show and enjoy!

Amazing Remote

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Incredibily Stable

EZTV Max is Rock Solid, it just works and keeps working

Anti-Freeze Technology

EZTV MAX is designed to lower freezing and buffering by a significant amount.

Superior Processor

Amlogic S905X2 processor boasts DDR4 4GB RAM, and eMMC 32GB, advantageous in performance, security, and reliability, ultimately delivering a richer experience.

Enhanced Internet connection

Get the most out of your internet connection, connect via WIFI or Ethernet Cable.

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